The 2011 Women’s World Cup Finals in Germany. Who will win the 2011 WWC in Germany?

The 2011 Women’s World Cup Finals in Germany. Who will win the 2011 WWC in Germany?

The US won against France and Japan won against Sweden to advance to the Finals! The US won 3 – 1 and Japan also won 3 -1 in their quarterfinals match respectfully.

It would have been nice if the US would have had a chance to play a rematch against Sweden in the WWC Finals. But Japan had other plans or rather plans of their own. Japan won against Sweden to secure a spot in the WWC Finals.

France tried real hard to win they even came back and tied the game at the start of the second half with attempt on goal after attempt on goal. But to no avail the US won vs France with two more goals in the second half with less attempts on goal. The US team was up 1 – 0 at the half.

It will be the US vs Japan in the Finals playing for the 2011 WWC in Germany. I’m still going to be pulling for the US team to win vs Japan to be pronounced as the 2011 WWC Champions. I’m not taking anything from Japan they are a great team I’m just pulling for the US team to win. USA! USA! Lets go USA!

Here is the schedule as follows:

Time: 2:45 p.m. ET
Date: 7/17/2011 on Sunday
Soccer Clubs: United States at Japan
Via: ESPN and

I think the US will win 2 – 0? One goal will come in the first half and the final goal will come late in the second half? Hope Solo will be the MVP of the game and Abby Wambach will win the Golden Boot?

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