The FIFA SOCCER 12 Demo Will Be Available 9/13/2011.

The FIFA SOCCER 12 Demo Will Be Available 9/13/2011.

When is FIFA 12 coming out? The Demo will be available September 13, 2011 so expect the game real soon. As soon I get an exact release date I will post it down below on the comments section. The video game should be available for download for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

The video game trailer looked awesome, on this special email that I received from EAsports. Especially the graphics and the movement of the soccer players was great. It will be a good addition to the collection of FIFA games as there seems to be a new video game of the ‘same game’ every year.

The video game is rated “RP” as in Rating Pending, the content was rated by I will be downloading this game demo to my game console that way I can get familiar with this years FIFA video game. You should do the same, keep in mind you can pre-order the video game today.

I will play some of the career mode and the dynasty mode and that part of the game when I eventually purchase this game. But I will mainly be playing online vs. some other opponent online or even at home. If you are playing at home say against your brothers, sisters, cousins, whomever it may be, it is different than playing online vs. strangers and/or far away online friends from your friends list.

When you find a lobby online and get to play against someone it is important to have a low or zero DNF.DNF is Did Not Finish % of the total games that you have played. If you want to play a lot of games online, play games to the end, have a zero DNF%. And also fight for some wins, you can’t win them all, if you could it wouldn’t be as fun.

If you leave the game match you will award your opponent with an automatic win, you will get a guaranteed loss and you will get a higher DNF%. So play and get your ‘practice’ in, playing to the end is good practice since you will not be playing vs. the computer or A.I.

If you have a high DNF no one will want to play vs. you because it is more fun playing vs. a human opponent regardless of what game it is, on a Arcade machine, at home on the video game console or even on your PC. Pick your poison.

Play, have fun, try to win it’s just a game.

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