The NFL Is Back In Business!

The NFL Is Back In Business!

Wow, about time, what was that 4 – 4 ½ months with a CBA in discussion? Well however long it was I’m just happy as a football fan that the NFL is going to start on time. It would have really felt weird if the NFL didn’t start on time or at all.

But given that there are 9 billion reasons a year for the NFL to be back, I guess the reality was that it wasn’t going to stay gone or ’out of business’ for too long.

But you can feel the energy of football because yes, I am ready for some football! Even football players took to twitter and face book to tell the fans and followers how great it feels to ‘go back to work’ now that the NFL is open again.

The biggest buzz around the NFL is going to be pre season camps, trades, cuts and free agency. Everyone from owners, coaches, players and fans were all worried about the CBA. Mainly worried on how long it would last, were the players going to hold out longer and things of that nature.

What players will be traded or cut to stay under the $120 million salary cap per team? This is going to be an important first few week leading to the start of the season. There will be lots of personnel changes to lots of teams.

How much money will the Top 10 players of the first round of the NFL draft bring? If the first round doesn’t pay what it used to post Y2K, will college players then choose to stay 4 or 5 years in school? Many times a college football player would leave school early and drop down in the draft where the pay is lower than expected. If the first round isn’t going to pay much how much will the later rounds give?

Football is back! Just felt like shouting that out. I’m just a mere fan of football and excited as I am, I can just image how thrilled the owners, coaches and football players must be feeling.

Now the teams will be able to talk and visit with its staff and players in order to get things started. Some teams have new D-cords and O-cords so some teams will be learning new schemes. Look forward for some big games this year there are a lot of teams that could go the distance. Super Bowl.

What teams do you think will make the playoff? Will the division leaders from last year win their division again? Will 2nd string QB’s get cut or traded? Will your team be looking for a 2nd string QB? There are too many questions to ask concerning the NFL and its 32 teams.

But one question will no longer be asked, will the NFL start on time? The NFL is back in business!

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