The NFL players are getting hurt bad this year 2011? Why is that?

The NFL players are getting hurt bad this year 2011? Why is that?

Did the 4 ½ months of the CBA have something to do with all of these players getting hurt? I think so. Lots of rookies and starters have been getting injured because the players didn’t have the off season or the summer workouts with their respected teams. After all NFL players get paid thousands, hundreds of thousands and at times millions to be an athlete. Athletes get injured easier when they aren’t in shape.

Athletes have to stay motivated or pay for personal trainers and things like that, unless they have an NFL team or organization with plenty of personnel. But when laws made players, owners and staff stay away from each other. It was left on the players to help the players out, with meetings, training and everything else that comes with being a professional in the NFL level.

So it was hard for the players to stay in shape, learn new schemes and playbooks on offense, defense and on special teams when the trainers and coaches were not there. So four almost five months later, the NFL has a new 10 year CBA. And they opened their curtain to unveil the NFL teams to get them ready for the pre season and for the regular season.

But the injuries came and the NFL seemed to have been made up of nothing but hold out players, 1 year contracts, reduced salaries, trades, high expectations and different veterans relocating to new teams. Most teams seemed like a “new” team to the NFL, lots of new faces, rookies running around clueless and coaches trying to figure out who will be the starters. Lots of rookie QB’s may start? And lots of pro QB’s have new teams that will also be interesting.

In the years past it seemed as if the NFL teams would know who(11 on D) and who(11 on O) would be the starters for the net year, pending no injuries. But personnel changes mainly because of money issues and injuries will have a major factor in deciding who will be 1st and 2nd string and so on.

But if these injuries continue, don’t be surprised to see 2nd and 3rd stringers playing more of a role in the 2011 football season. And I’m not talking about pre season games only. The pre season games will probably showcase the starters longer than usual. Just because the NFL teams were without the summer conditioning programs and things of that nature.

In other words the NFL teams had major reduced practice time in the summer of 2011.

If you were an NFL coach, who would you start? Who would be the 2nd string, the 3rd? Good thing that we have NFL coaches for that and that’s another story all on its own. Football, I’m waiting, we’re waiting, high hopes every year down here in Texas. Go Houston Texans! Go Dallas Cowboys!

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