The Proper Way To Remove A Bad/Used Battery

The Proper Way To Remove A Bad/Used Battery.

Battery Removal:

1.) A few tools may be required, such a wrench or ratchet and socket. The common used size will be a 10mm metric or 1/2inch standard wrench/or socket and ratchet. But be sure to check each battery terminal, some vehicle‘s may require a different size. Note: Some models will have some type of ‘’battery brace’‘ that will help secure your battery in place and in the up right position while driving on rough terrain. The brace will go on the sides and over the top of your battery. An extra piece will be at the bottom on one side of your battery(made of rubber and 1 metal bolt) and will need to also need to be removed.

2.) When you have your tools ready, you may begin by turning off your vehicle and putting it in Park(P). It is very important that your vehicle/engine is turned off and that the key to your ignition is in the ‘‘off position” or removed. Caution: Moving parts under the hood such as the fan or belt(s) can cause bodily injuries when the vehicle is running even while on idle.

3.) Open your hood and begin removing the battery. Some batteries are of the top mount design or it could possibly have a side mount design. The top mount will have a bolt and nut, the nuts will need to be broken loose with your tools. The nuts do not need to be removed completely, just loosen and back out far enough to remove the battery terminal from the battery. The side mount will have a small bolt, remove these bolts with your tools for battery removal/replacement.

4.) Batteries for some heavy-duty models(Semi’s) may be long and heavy. These batteries can be placed and be moved easily with a battery dolly. These dolly’s can hold up to 4 or 5 batteries for a much safer and quicker battery storage or used for removal and installation. Note: Be sure to keep your old batteries(do not throw them away) because you will need to take an old battery in for a core. If your not getting a new battery and your are thinking of disposing of your battery(s), be sure to take them to your local recycling center. You will be payed per battery, since bad/used batteries are hazardous to the environment.

5.) Regardless of your vehicle’s make or model, it is common knowledge that the red battery wire(s) goes to the hot side/positive side(plus symbol) of your battery. And the black battery wire(s) go to the cold side/negative side(negative symbol) of your battery.
The positive and negative symbol will be located on the top of your battery and they will be next to there own battery post.

6.) After you have removed the battery terminals and the battery brace(s) remove the old battery(s) and replace with a new/or used and charged battery. With your tools fasten the battery terminal nuts or bolts and begin installing the battery brace(s). Be sure to have the battery wire’s(cables) in the correct location, tighten them good but do not over tighten(battery terminals can be easily stripped/damaged). Put your tools/dolly up where they go and your vehicle is ready to go, just start and drive.

These are the basic steps to follow for replacing a bad/used battery. Quick Reminder: You may need to reset your time, stereo and radio settings since your battery(s) were removed. Special Note: These same steps apply to small engine’s (such as riding mowers), diesel’s and marine engine applications.

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