Time Warner Cable in Austin, I can’t see 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup

My channel 2 KTBC FOX HD on my Time Warner Cable isn’t working it is just a black screen and sometimes it shows a picture but chopped and lagged out and some sound comes out. But then back to a black screen with no sound, the rest of the hundreds of channels are working fine so I guess it has something to do with the millions of viewers trying see the same channel?
Idk who to blame FOX or TWC, Both. And if I call TWC I doubt they can fix the problem because it’s only that channel that is NOT working, all other channels are working fine. I might have to stream it online sign up for a fox app or TWC app or something like that. Because it won’t work on the big TV screen. I will attemp to reboot my box and server etc but I bet it fails again.
I posted this article so people who are having problems with channel 2 on TWC, you are not alone. I am currently watching it on my iPad on an app that took 5 minutes to set up, login etc and its Fox sports Go app.

Go U.S.A!

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