Tony Hawk’s Big Spin – Family Fun

Location: Fiesta, Texas in San Antonio

We love riding coasters as a family. Let me clarify. My oldest daughter, 19, my son, 11, and I enjoy the thrill rides and extreme coasters, while my wife and 14 yr old daughter are more fond of the “almost” thrill rides and moderate coasters. We look forward to our Six Flags season passes, and look forward to trips to Arlington (between Dallas and Fort Worth) to Six Flags Over Texas. That is about a 3 hour drive so we tend to visit Fiesta Texas in San Antonio more. Fiesta Texas is only about an hour and a half from us and the included water park is a real bonus.

Since we are house-divided on which coasters are worth the wait in line, we usually end up with someone waiting at the exit, you know the drill, at the “big” rides, or someone complaining how “boring” the “not-so-big” rides are. Enter ‘Tony Hawk’s Big Spin’.

The first time we rode Big Spin was at Six Flags Over Texas, but there are subtle differences between the coaster there and the Big Spin at Fiesta Texas. We actually like the San Antonio version a bit better, thus this hub is about it.

The Stats:

Height: 53′ Drop: 27 feet Top Speed: 31 mph Length: 1351

Train: 8 individual 4 passenger cars Ride Time: 1 min 51 sec

Ride Capacity: about 1400 passengers per hour

Height Requirements: 42″ if accompanied by adult, 48″ if riding alone

This spinning twister steel coaster designed by Gerstlauer was built in Fiesta Texas in 2007.

As I said, there are subtle differences between this one and the one in Arlington. First noticeable difference is they are practically mirrored images of one another. Not much difference in ride as far as that goes because it is, after all, a spinning coaster. However, the helices at Fiesta Texas offer a bit more “feel” to them in our opinions. It is a ride designed to emulate the sensation of riding a skateboard, and the turns play a critical role in success. When approaching the sweep “grind”, this one in San Antonio is once again, in our opinions, a better appreciation for the g-forces and sensation of actually “grinding” a rail and cornering back. The camel humps are almost “rough” in the Six Flags Over Texas park, but in Fiesta Texas, they allow the passengers to “fly” or “catch air” but not be jerked around as much.

All in all, the Big Spin is a moderate thrill coaster in my book. It is perfect for the thrill ride / extreme coaster seeker who has not yet become as “brave” as he/she wishes to be. Practice makes perfect, right? So get those season passes renewed, and head on down to Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, or up to Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. Who knows, we might be in the queue chatting with each other one day!

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