Top 10 – Most Addicting Video Games Of All Time!

Top 10 – Most Addicting Video Games Of All Time!

My top 10 most addicting video games of all time:

{NOTE: This not in a particular order, it’s more of a list than a preferred order, so don’t assume no.1 is the best and so on}

1.) Frogger on Atari, remember those days?

2.) Pac Man from the 25cent Arcades! I had the Pac Man pattern memorized, but it was a great game none the less.

3.) Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis, man I wanted to get every single coin!

4.)Street Fighter 2 for Nintendo, I had many a battles, I liked all the players but Ryu and Ken were my favorites.

5.) Mortal Kombat for Nintendo, was a great fighter game like Street Fighter 2, Lu Kang was my favorite fighter.

6.) Yoshi on the Super Nintendo was awesome! I played that game with my brothers for a long time.

7.) Call of Duty World at War on Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 was too beast. Hardcore War 9 vs 9 was where it was at.

8.) Halo on Xbox 360 is the best Xbox game ever made in my opinion. Remember those system link days? The pistol was my favorite weapon next to the energy sword. Master Chief Spartan 117 a.k.a. The Demon, enough said.

9.) Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for PS3 or Xbox 360. Harrier, Chopper Gunner or AC130 and Nuke, need I say more?

10.) Mario Bros. and its series on Nintendo was a blast, this game was the game that started it all for me. I became a video game player because of this particular video game franchise.

If I had a top 25 best video games of all time, other video games that I would include:

11.) Call of Duty Black Ops, it hasn’t been out very long, but I love that tomahawk and hardcore capture the flag.

12.) Madden NFL is great. The dynasty mode and online gameplay is fun. The Dallas Cowboys baby!

13.) The FIFA soccer games are also great, I’m not much of a basketball or baseball fan? Idk why?

14.) God of War was crazy but it was awesome and it came exclusively on Playstation.

15.) Halo 2 for Xbox 360 was a good one, but I hated that they made the pistol weaker. Legendary was no joke!

16.) World of Warcraft for PC, my friends will tell you all about it.

17.) Tetris for Gameboy was wicked fun. I always tried to break my record on the leaderboards.

18.) Sim City for PC, I played this game on one of those dinosaur computers but it was still a game that I played for many hours. When I was in grade school I recall playing this game in our computer class instead of doing my class work. That’s probably why I barely passed that class with a 70?

19.) Striker 1945 for the 25c Arcades was bad to the bone. I would try to get all of the power ups I wanted the most fire power!

20.) Mass Effect series on Xbox 360, Commander Sheppard a human in a alien environment, it’s a long game that can have alternate endings and different paths as you play through the story.

21.) Contra for the Super Nintendo is a shooter game, it was a good one, I put lots of hours on that game.

22.) NCAA College Football series are also fun, for PS3 and Xbox 360. Same as the Madden games, dynasty mode and online gameplay when you’re not playing 1 vs 1 at home is where it‘s at. Hook’em! The Texas Longhorns baby!

23.) Grand Turismo for Xbox 360 was a game we played forever, it was fun doing those side missions and racing all over the city’s.

24.) Road Rage for Nintendo 64, remember that console? The game was like a hardcore version of street racing. The motorcycle rider was my favorite player.

25.) Call of Duty 4, I hardly played this game, but my little brother insists that I put this game up here, he just said to remind everyone, jugger!

Well I based this selection on games that I remember playing and games that I think helped revolutionize the video game industry, helped make it what it is today!

What Do you think? What are your Top 10 or Top 25 video games of all time?

Question for the Web Content Village readers: Does anybody remember playing that video game that was called “Oregon Trail” I think that’s what it was called it was a game from way back in the day it may have been on PC or on the regular Nintendo? But I just remembered how fun that game was, you had a wagon trail and you had to hunt for food along the way? If anybody knows anything about this game, will you please post an article on it, I would like to read up on that.

Let us know, post your articles here on Web Content Village, you must be a member to post articles and comments. So sign-up and log-in to begin, it’s that simple.

Just for the record: The Zombie games from the Call of Duty Franchise are all well above averagae. From the COD WaW Nazi Zombies, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese, Kino der Toten, DOA, Ascention, all of them!

The zombie video games are top games, I couldn’t leave them out of the my top video games played! Zombies are too much fun especially when you are not playing with rookie’s.

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