Two SEC teams will make the BCS National Title Game in 2012

Last year I wrote an article that the SEC title streak would end, and what happened two SEC teams went on to play so that only ment that the SEC would win another title.

So I felt like I should say two SEC teams should play for the tile, so that (No SEC team would make it) Anyways there you have it.

But on a more realistic note if the BCS would take two teams from the same conference what would stop the BCS from doing it again? Besides the BCS has two more years of doing what they want.

Last night I saw the #9 South Carolina Gamecocks lose to lowly SEC Vanderbilt, oh wait the referee didn’t call that defensive holding/pass interference on that last drive.

The referee missed call of the year (so far, isn’t what I was disapointed about, How could a BCS ranked top 10 team struggle with a 5-7 team? Either the Gamecocks are overrated or the other team was underated.

I personally think that the Preseason SEC bias rankings are making people think that the SEC is better and better every year. The hype this preseason was look at all these SEC teams ranked in the Top 10 and top 25 for that matter.

A couple more close calls or eventual losses and the SEC could have only one team undefeated team by seasons end, but wait the BCS doesn’t care if you dont even play for your championship game (Bama), the BCS dont care if you have a loss or multilpe losses (Bama, Arkansas) that is only if you are in the SEC.

What are you talking about? TCU undefeated, no title game, Boise State undefeated, no title game. I can just here it, strength of schedule! Didn’t I just explain the BCS rankings (preseason or during the season) are BS.

Why would a team want a BS high ranking at the start of the season? So that if you lose a game or two or if you don’t make it to your conference game (if you have one), then you could say forget going undefeated, forget going to a coference game, I beat teams that were ranked higher than you, my close call games were vs a SEC team.

And everyone knows the SEC will win again.

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