Water Jet Power Washer Results

The next test was on the sidewalk to clean out those expansion cracks and remove the dirt. The Water Jet did okay here, but to see if it actually worked any better than a standard hose, we just did one half with the Water Jet and then switched to the garden nozzle. The results were the same. We saw no big improvement using the Water Jet Power Washer versus the garden nozzle.

The final test was to use the device to clean the overhangs at the top of the house. It was only a one story house but the pitches in the center are a good twenty feet above the ground. We decided to split test once again and do one side with the Water Jet and the other with the garden nozzle. This test proved to be disastrous for the Water Jet. It did indeed reach high enough to spray water on the overhang eaves, but the pressure that high up wasn’t much. Once again, the garden nozzle simply outperformed the Water Jet Power Washer.

After completing the tests on the Water Jet Power Washer, we simply were not impressed. We found the $5 garden nozzle worked either just as good, or better than the twenty dollar device. So, our recommendation is to simply buy a garden nozzle available at your local home improvement store. If you have purchased the Water Jet Power Washer, please leave your comments below about your experiences with it.

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