Water Jet Power Washer Review

The Water Jet Power Washer is the latest home improvement tool to hit the airwaves and be featured on infomercials. The makers claim that you can use their device with a regular water hose and have the power of an expensive power washer. The Water Jet Power Washer comes with the water hose attachment and two nozzles. One nozzle is for streaming, and one nozzle is for fan spray. It sounds like an impressive device, but how does it stand up to scrutiny?

We tested the Water Jet Power Washer on a number of home improvement projects. We started in the garage with our dirty concrete floor. The last time I cleaned the floor I borrowed a friends $300 power washer, so I was curious how this $20 device would compare.

The garage floor was pretty filthy, and I didn’t expect it to remove the oil stains. I was more curious how the Water Jet would do just washing out the old leaves and grass that is stuck to the floor. The results were not impressive to be honest. I made sure we had plenty of pressure in the water hose. I tried to wash the garage first the Water Jet and then switched to a standard garden nozzle. The $5 garden nozzle actually worked better than the $20 Water Jet. Water Jet Power Washer Test Results

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