What BCS chaos? 2012 is the end of the SEC streak!

What BCS chaos, there is only clarity. There are still 3 undefeated teams from the AQ-Conferences and Notre Damn, with Kansas State of the Big 12 and Oregon of the new Pac 12. Notre Damn is an Independent (No Conference).

Now if all the teams in the Top 25 had at least 1-loss or more, then yes there would be confusion and chaos. But this year is going to be good to the undefeated.

The BCS Title Game could possibly be Big 12 vs Pac 12, Big 12 vs Notre Damn or Pac 12 vs Notre Damn.

Now how does that sound, take that in for a minute. Kansas State vs Notre Damn, Kansas State vs Oregon, or Oregon vs Notre Damn for the National Championship. Wow!

The chaos would have been if this year was a playoff year, (if) the top 3 teams finish undefeated. The chaos would be who to pick with a 1-loss team for the 4th playoff spot, now that would be hard to figure out.

So please dont try and confuse the average college football fan with this BCS chaos theory. 2012 is the end of the SEC streak.

Hey, SEC country can you see the changes in the wind? Because it seems as if the tide has turned.


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  1. All streaks good or bad end. There is a possibility that Notre Damn will win out and end the streak of Title runs with the soon to be replaced BCS system. If not the BCS title streak of SEC wins could continue, but for sure the BCS streak will end, very soon, even the SEC knows that.

  2. Well its looks like the sec will have another chance to make it 7 titles in a row, Bama vs georgia winner vs Notre Damn, if not this will be the best season for Notre damn if they win since 88.

  3. Well that didn’t last long, Kansas State lost to Baylor, and Oregon lost to Stanford. That only guarantees sec will play for Title game, so it could be sec vs sec again if Notre Damn losses to USC.

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