What Should I Take For The Family Beach Vacation?

What Should I Take For The Family Beach Vacation?

Think safety first! Be sure that you and your family and friends become aware of the possible dangers that could be near by. Things like what plants and snakes to avoid. Jellyfish even dead on the bank will get the best of you so inform everyone of the simple obvious hazards. Be sure to have your protecting gear like sun block or floater devices depending on age and so on.

A first aid kit for the minor cuts, scratches, ache and pains will be great for the family camping trip at the beach . Yes be sure and pack your extra towels and possible shade. Sun glasses work great to block out some of the heat and sun rays from your eyes. Even the reflection of light off the beach will also ’give you a tan’.

Make sure that everyone stays hydrated, drink enough liquids like Gatorade or water. Be sure to have enough fluids, the last thing you need is someone or yourself getting a heat stroke. You could also include some sort of shade like umbrellas, tents, maybe even something as simple as some tarps and rope, use the vehicles to tie the tarps. To make some form of shade if you must.

Even if the water looks nice and a good breeze is rolling through it can still be hot. If someone starts to get the ‘symptoms’ of some form of heat stroke, be sure and put them in the shade where it is cooler and give them some fluids. The heat can make you weak, fatigued and may cause dizziness. At least that’s what happened to me when I thought I was having a heat stroke.

Make sure that everyone is accounted for, do a “roll-call” like back in grade school and make sure that everyone is present. Especially if there are minors, young teens or elderly since there could be accidents. So a roll-call at night, in the morning and during lunch would be smart.

If you are not going to be staying near the beach or have an ‘outdoors’ style family camping trip at the beach. And you are in a hotel or at your beach house, just take what you will need for the day and leave the rest of the gear at the room. If you going to be camping at the beach be sure and have your food on ice or have food available to cook that will not spoil.

Be sure to have your pans, cooking oil, salt, spices, disposable plates, disposable cups, trash bags to clean up before you leave, small axe for the firewood, water for soups and for drinking, spoons, forks, a lighter, matches and make sure everything else on your “list”. Make a list and have everyone going to the beach make a list as well.

That way you have a less chance of forgetting or leaving behind something important like your fishing gear, swimming shorts, bug spray for the night time, etc. When you are making your list envision yourself at the beach and try to visualize every little detail so you can write down what you will be needing.

There are many fun things that you could do to have fun while at the beach. I could make a top 25 things of things to do while at the family beach vacation but it will vary between family’s. Some family’s like alcohol and some do not, things like that. So make your own top 25 things to do, since you know what game or family event that everyone loves to play.

Like football or volleyball. Make sure to take everyone’s toys yours included, even if it’s a book to read before bed. But regardless of what you will be doing while at the beach take your camera and enough film or sd cards. Make sure that you have enough batteries for the flash lights and cameras.

Be sure and take a lot of pictures or memory’s back home with you so you can hang some on your fridge, at your office or post them online for everyone to see and cherish. Pictures make for great family gift cards during the holidays, you could make a calendar or add them to your family photo album.

But what is of up most importance is to be sure that you have enough funds to get back home. If you flew there make sure you have enough to fly back or pay in advance for a round trip. If you drove there make sure that you have enough to drive back, fuel and gas is expensive now a days. Be prepared for delays and downtime from flat tires to blow outs, check the level of all of your vehicles oils and fluids before you leave. A tune up with new plugs, wires and filters would be better on fuel mileage on long drives.

So it would be wise to ‘budget’ your expenses before you leave, on your way to the beach and on your way back home. I’m not saying to make sure that you make it back with money in your wallet/bank nor am I not saying to come back and make it with zero funds when you make it home. What I am saying is make sure you have enough for everyone to get back home when it’s time to leave.

Camping trips or vacations are an affordable way to include everyone in the family. And you will have some great memory’s with your family and friends. A family get together at the beach would be great for vacations, camping trips, family reunions, weddings, birthday party’s, graduation party’s, etc.

Keep in mind that a lot of people love to go to the beach (lots of strangers) so be friendly to your neighbors and they will be friendly to you. Most people just want to be left alone, so you don’t need to make conversation just smile and wave.

Also remember everything that needs to be taken care of back home while you are gone or away from home. If you have pets or animals make sure that someone is taking care of that, make sure that they have enough food and water. Ask a friend or neighbor to help you with that.

Remember that you are at the beach with the family and friends to have fun and not to make money. So be yourself and leave the “boss” at work and put a smile on your face there will be cameras present.

If you make a good list, pack everything good, budget and think safety first you and yours will be alright. Happy camping.

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