What Should I Take For The Family Camping Trip?

What Should I Take For The Family Camping Trip?

This is a question that will vary between famiy’s. With that being said, start off with being safe. Safety firt, make sure that you have a first aid kit. If you do not have a first aid kit, you can buy a kit at your local sports store/local retailer. If you have a first aid kit, be sure and check it before you go on your vacation or family camping trip. The last thing you need is an empty, used or outdated first aid kit away from your home. The first aid kit’s will be used for the bump’s, scrape’s and bruise’s that you/family may get while on vacation/family’s secret camping spot away from civization(cell phone range, stores, etc). Kit’s may contain things such as asprin for minor pain and headache’s, bug spray, bee and wasp sting remedies, neosporin for minor cuts, etc.

Be sure to have your swim wear, fishing tackle or hunting gear if you are near the coast, river, lake or if you are in hunting season. Be sure to have all of your equipment, make a list on paper a week before you go on the family camping trip. This will eliminate you leaving something behind, something important like your favorite fishing lure. Make sure that you have plenty of ammo, plenty of fishing tackle, some pot’s and pan’s, maybe some cooking oil.

If you are not going to be fishing or hunting, you can still go swiming, hiking, biking, rock climbing, sight seeing, play family games, go arrow head hunting, etc. Be sure to take your camera and lots of film/sd cards, that way you can take some memory’s back home with you. You could then create your own family calender(12 camping picture’s), post cards, gift cards, picture’s for your fridge or office. In this modern era you could post some of these picture’s on the internet for your friend’s and family to see and charish.

Be sure to take yourself to the family camping trip! Leave the ”boss” at work, remember that you are at the trip to have fun not to make money. Be sure to have enough drinks and food for the picnic’s and for those late night snacks. If you are hunting/fishing you could eat some good fresh meat, so do not forget the seasonings, spice’s and salt. Make sure that you have some trash bags! Do not litter so add trash bags to your list, that way you can clean your camping area before you leave.

If you are going to make controlled fire’s like on bar-b-q pit’s be sure to have your stricker, matches and or lighter. Be sure that the wood that you are going to use has been cut/broken from a tree and cured(dried long enough). If you use a fresh tree for fire wood it will be hard to lite, you will get more smoke than anything and your food could be ruined from too much smoke. Look and you will see that tree’s have branch’s that have fallen or been broken from high winds that have been dried for some time. This would be the ideal fire wood to use, so a small axe would come in handy for a outdoor style family camping trip.

It is important that you educate yourself and the family about the poisonus snake’s and plants: poison ivy, poison oak, etc. If you are not sure of what type of environment you will be near while on your vacation or camping trip. It would be wise to ask people from the area or to do a little research to inform yourself and your family of the things and plants to avoid.

Visualize yourself at the family camping trip and think of every little detail that might come to mind. Do this while you are making your list, afterwards ask your wife/kids or friend(s) to make a list, he/she might write down something that could have slipped by your mind. So be careful, take your camera(new batteries), have fun and most importantly think safety first. Happy Camping.

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  1. Camping trips are an excellent vacation. They are also usually a very cheap way to include a lot of family and friends. Some of my favorite memories are from camping trips. I agree completely with making a list. I’m living proof, I never make a list and I always forget something. Great article Jose, enjoyed the read.

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