What To Look For In A Summer Job And How To Get It

Summer vacation is arriving fast. Spring is often a very busy time of year for kids, teenagers, parents, and the family as a whole. As summer settles in and school activities cease or slow down, high school and college students often start looking for summer jobs. What is the best summer job? How much should I look to make? These are both questions that lay heavy on the minds of these young adults looking for summer jobs. I’d like to cover a few things that should be taken into consideration when looking for that perfect summer job.

All you hear on the news today is how the job market is bad and getting worse. While this is the case, don’t let it be discouraging from landing that perfect summer job. A lot of opportunities exist that people simply do not inquire upon. Unless there is a strict need for a certain amount of money (car payment or rent payment) I would suggest looking for a job that fits your interest. These jobs might not always pay as much, but can offer valuable experience. Finding a summer job that is enjoyable is very important. Having a good experience with work is important in early job experiences. If early work experiences are not good, it can have implications on work ethic for the rest of one’s life.

What do I want to do for a living after school? This is an excellent question to ask when considering summer job options. See if there are creative ways to find work experience in areas that might be considered in career choices. Someone who thinks they might want to work in a Spa (Resorts, Day Spas, Health Spas), might not have the proper licensing to actually work on clients. However, they can gain valuable experience in the field of work by getting a summer job as a Spa receptionist, concierge, or other similar positions. Veterinarian is a popular career goal. Summer jobs in kennels, on farms and ranches, or at veterinarian offices are often readily available if just inquired upon. Make stops at local vet offices, kennels, or feed stores and ask about potential employment opportunities, you will be surprised what might be available.

What do I like to do for fun? Another question that is great to ask when narrowing down summer job opportunities. Let us use someone who really loves to play golf. There are multiple summer jobs that are enjoyable to those who like golf. Stop by local clubhouses and inquire. Green keepers, Clubhouse Personnel, cart boys and caddies are usually high in demand through the summer season. Cooking culture is making resurgence these days. Those who have a taste for the culinary arts can enjoy working as waitresses, prep cooks, or maybe even as a cook to gain knowledge and experience. All of these positions offer a chance for fun and learning.

The Red Cross organization can be an important tool in finding that perfect summer job. Red Cross offers classes for first aid, CPR, AED, swimming, lifeguarding, caregiving, and babysitting. These classes should be taken by everyone, regardless of age or profession, because of how important they are in safety throughout life. However, teenagers and young adults can obtain added benefit in summer job searches with these certifications. One’s love for the water can lead to a lifeguarding job with this certification. Someone who enjoys the sun and water might not be able to find a better job then lifeguarding. These certificates can give a direct advantage when looking for summer jobs at city pools, private club pools, themed parks, water parks, summer camps and other similar places. The same thing applies for babysitting and other similar summer jobs.

So think about what is really important in a summer job. Is it the work experience in a career path or something you love to do for fun? Can a little less money be sacrificed for an enjoyable summer job? It is important to remember that summertime often means in increase in business and tourism, so “summer jobs” become more readily available. Search early to avoid missing out on the best summer jobs. Also, it is important to remember that a lot of these jobs might have slightly lower pay, but are in the service industry where tips can make up the difference quickly. Do great work with a great attitude and often tips will increase, in return “fattening up the paycheck”. Great luck in finding that perfect summer job.

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