What’s Better Xbox 360 or Playstation 3?

What’s Better Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3?

Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3. I own both console’s and I would say they work about the same. You have probably heard PlayStation 3 having more problems recently, with their online/sign in, game play. No different than when Xbox 360’s were having problems by getting the ”ring of death”, usually a red light that would glow around the player 1 through player 4 user lights at the beginning of the Xbox era. I remember when I bought three Xbox 360’s because they all died one after the other. So then I finally bought me a a regular 60gig PlayStation 3 and sold it, so I could buy me a PlayStation 3 Slim. I sold my ps3 through ebay and got what I paid for it when I bought it new. Since I sold it as a bundle pack with lots of games and two dual shock controller’s and all the wiring and cable’s. It was a good deal for the kid.

So after PlayStation Network(ps3’s) went down recently (I’m a self proclaimed hardcore gamer and couldn’t wait) I went and bought me another Xbox 360, the black one, the Elite my 4th one. And I have been playing on both of them, some dayd on the PS3 some days on the 360. But for the 360 you need to have a membership, and pay monthly or yearly for it. And the PlayStation membership is free, for now, I was told a bad rumor that PlayStation was going to charge for the memberships in the near future. But now that PlayStation Network is back online, why is it that I can not go to the Playstation Store? I can not even re-download my map packs and things that I bought from Playstation Store(all my downloadable content).

They better fix that soon! Or I’m going to put Playstation 3 under the Xbox 360. I do not know what is worse a console that does not want to turn on(xbox 360/ring of death) or a console that comes on but doesn’t work at 100% (PlayStation 3). At least my 4th xbox 360 that I bought hasn’t died on me, knock on wood’. The first three 360’s that I bought were the first generation Xbox 360’s that would get the ring of death after they got hot. This 4th one has lasted me the longest so I believe them(Microsoft).

My first PlayStation was a PlayStation 2, I never owned a PlayStation 1. My ps2 lasted about a week, because that was before they had those anti-trip wire’s and before they had wireless controller’s. I had my ps2 up about 4 or 5 feet from the ground next to my t.v. and when my dog came running in, he did a cloths-line with the wire’s with me holding the controller, and down it came and that was the end of that. Months later is when I bought my 1st of 4.

I have seen both of these consoles in action, yawn. If someone tells you Xbox 360 is better, it’s because they own one. Or if they say that a PlayStation 3 is better, it will be because they own a 3. I still own both console’s and they both get a C in my book. From a scale of 1-100, 70 being a passing grade. I would grade both console’s with a 70 each. Xbox got a low grade because I have had to buy too many and PlayStation got a low grade, not because its free but because they allow hackers to play with the online game play.

So I definitely would say they both are under par, when will we see a beast next generation console and games/lag free for the hardcore gamer? You do not even need to be a pro gamer (sponsors and get paid) to be a hardcore gamer, I take on clans all day long when I’m online on Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3 vs pro’s and rookie’s, they all die the same(I love shooter games).

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