When Is Battlefield 3 Coming Out? When Is BF3 Coming Out?

When Is Battlefield 3 Coming Out? When Is BF3 Coming Out?

Battlefield 3 is coming out or rather scheduled to be released on October 25, 2011. The BF3 Beta will be available by September 2011. The video game will be available for PC, Xbox 360 and for Playstation 3.

If you want to see what the graphics and what the gameplay will be like just go to www.youtube.com and check out some of the available videos. I just typed Battlefield 3 in the search and a few good videos came up.

Videos to check out via youtube.com; Battlefield 3: E3 Trailer – Watch the E3 multiplayer trailer, Battlefield 3 Beta and Release Date Announced, Battlefield 3 – Full Length “Fault Line” Gameplay Trailer, Battlefield 3: Official Fault Line Gameplay Trailer, PWND – PWND #7 Battlefield 3 Special, Battlefield 3: Thunder Run Gameplay Trailer (E3), Battlefield 3 – “My Life” Trailer (Actual Game Footage), Battlefield 3 – 10 min Multiplayer gameplay from E3 and also watch the Battlefield 3 Premiere Gameplay Trailer.

Note: There were much more videos on youtube.com for BF3 but these few videos are the ones that stood out to me. If you want to learn more about the developers, creators or programmers simply visit the official website at www.battlefield.com to check out more on that kind of information.

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