When Is Halo 4 Coming Out?

When Is Halo 4 Coming Out?

Halo 4 is scheduled to come out some time near the Holidays in 2012 on Xbox 360. Holidays as in late November early December? Master Chief Spartan 117 is back! Or more commonly known as “The Demon” by the Covenent. Yes, I am so exited notice the exclamations as a form of my excitement! The last two Halo games were….well under par. Because they didn’t seem like you were playing Halo since Spartan 117 wasn’t in either game.

I was surfing around on you tube.com and I was actually listening and watching some of those advertisements or rather some music videos and finally made it to the video games videos. I found some older videos then I looked up and said to myself, “A Halo 4 video“? My very next thought was, “It would be awesome if they brought Master Chief back.”

Both of my thoughts were verified when I watched the few youtube videos, and instantly was happy that I still own an Xbox 360. I can still remember staying up many a night system linking with a few friends and playing Halo and Halo 2 for hours and hours. Playing Slayer Mode, Free For All and Capture The Flag when we weren’t playing the epic story mode.

Remember “The Flood” they were wicked hard on Legendary. Halo had an alternate ending when you passed it on Legendary (hardest setting) and it ties perfectly into Halo 4.
The developer for Halo 4 is 343 Idustries. If you want to see some in depth videos and game trailers go to www.you tube.com. Search Halo 4 E3 2011 Debut Trailer and you will see a few Halo 4 videos pop up. Watch all of them and comment down below what you think.

Also search and watch, Halo 4-Confirmed-Rumors and Facts Explained via youtube.com for more Halo 4 information. Last I saw the Halo 4 video had over 3 million hits already, so there is no telling how many hits it will have by the Holidays 2012.

I am not sure where or how exactly yet but soon you will be able to “Pre-order” you Halo 4 game. That way you won’t have to wait in line or at the video game store and hope there will still be a copy left by the time you move up in the line.

Remember the line at the video game store when Halo and Halo 2 came out? I’m not sure how many people or kids were at your video game store but at our store the line looked like a line at the free lunch line at school. It was not short or in a single file line, it was packed crammed and filled with people trying to cut in line.

I can actually recall people “Camping Out” at the store waiting for hours and hours the night before the release date. The line wrapped around like a few isles all the way out side into the parking lot. When we bought the game I actually didn’t go to school because it was a Thursday or Friday when it came out, so I gave myself a 4 day weekend.

I was actually fortunate that my little brother was in line and he was actually the 7th person in line out of an estimated 100 plus people. I walked up to him, handed him some money and I had him buy me my copy. Before you knew it the store made a rule after the first 20 people bought more than 1 copy. They said only 1 copy per person, since there wasn’t enough video game copy’s for everyone who was still in line waiting to buy one.

On my way out of the video game store I remember at least 3 different people who made me an offer on my Halo copy, they were willing to pay double what the game was worth because they didn’t want to wait in line. I didn’t sale it, I went home and played it like Religion, I worshiped the game.

You know you are playing an awesome game when you are dreaming of the game. I guess my brain wanted to keep playing video games while my body was sleeping? My favorite weapon on Halo was the pistol, it would give you easy headshots since it was a Core mode style game play. On Halo 2 they made the pistol real weak so I moved on to the sword, it was beast.

When I went back to school all of my friends asked me the same question, “How was the game?” They knew I was home playing the game, I chuckled and said, “What do you think?

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