When Is Madden 13 Coming Out?

When Is Madden 13 Coming Out?

Madden 13 is rated E (Everyone), it was rated by ESRB. Visit www.ESRB.com for more information on video game ratings.

This Madden game is getting a lot of good reviews. It has beast graphics and it will have lots of new features. You can pre-order Madden 13, via Origin, Amazon or some other video game ordering website.

You will have the option to “create your own playbook” about time! You can modify an existing playbook, or personalize your own of up to 400 plays for defense or offense out of the 75 available playbooks.

Can’t wait! I already have about 20 plays that I want to use on offense and another 20 or so for defense. 400 plays wow that’s a lot of plays, I’m more like a simple high school offense, I will use a bunch of simple routes and power running plays. Short slant routes, few post routes, I-formation power runs, and some two back formation sets.

For my passing plays, I love to use the 4 and 5 receiver sets out of the shotgun (Spread Offense). And for run plays, I want a lead blocker a FB and or a pulling lineman to open up some holes. I will pass more often to my slot receivers than to my outside receivers. So I will sometimes put my number 1 and number 2 receiver in the slot, to try and take advantage of a slower linebacker.

This is going to be awesome, in the past you could set up some audible plays, never could you create your own playbook.

Oh man, I’m about to pre-order this game, the more that I think about it, the more I want it. The more I need to have it. Football Fever its contagious, cough cough.

After you finish up playing around with the dynasty mode and superstar mode, you might want to play against your family and friends at home or online. If you are going to be an online player, be sure to finish your games.

The online games will still have the 5 minute quarters, that’s a long time to be playing, so don’t give up even if you are losing bad. Milk the clock on every play if you have to, if you back out or quit you will still get a loss. So stay and play/practice.

Defense is key, you don’t have to blitz on every play, have some coverage packages ready. When you are on offense, don’t go for the ‘home run’ on every play, try to get 3 or 4 yards a play. Use some screens, short passes and hard runs. Just fight for first downs, 10 yards is all you need to keep the chains moving.

If you are in field goal range, and it’s 4th down go for the easy 3 points. Regardless if you are up or down on the scoreboard, it is always best to go for the field goal. If you are not past the 50 yard line and it’s 4th down, punt the ball away. You don’t need a turnover on downs. Play some field position, kick it to the side line or out of bounds inside their 20 yard line.

Remember the last thing you need is a high DNF%. DNF= Did Not Finish, game match percentage. If you have a high DNF, no one is going to want to play against you or vs you.

There was also a lot on interest in the new tackling engine, on the new enhanced route running and blocking. Less glitches?

Special Note: NCAA Football 12 is already out, you might want to check it out, if you don’t already own it. Over 700,000 copies have been sold in the last few weeks, someone will be ready to play vs you, are you ready?

I’m more than ready for some football.

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