When Is Mass Effect 3 Fall Of Earth Coming Out?

When Is Mass Effect 3 Fall Of Earth Coming Out?

Mass Effect 3 Fall Of Earth is scheduled to come out March 16, 2012. Commander Sheppard is brought back, revived from the dead, in this action packed story mode game. You can check out the first ever gameplay footage at the Microsoft press conference at E3 2011 via youtube.com.

Go to youtube.com and type Mass Effect 3 game trailer to watch the in depth video gameplay. Mass Effect 3 will be coming out on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. And yes Mass Effect 3 will tie into what you have done on Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. You will be given the option to upload your Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 saved content so that you may be able to continue where you let off. Regardless if you were a “bad guy” or a “good guy” on Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.

For more information regarding Mass Effect 3 watch the following youtube.com videos; Mass Effect 3 Gameplay Trailer, Mass Effect 3 E3 2011 Fall of Earth Trailer, Mass Effect 3: Live Action Trailer, Mass Effect 3: Gameplay Demo Walkthrough and also watch Mass Effect 3 Announcement trailer.

If you didn’t play Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2 you will still be able to jump in the story mode right away on Mass Effect 3 Fall of Earth. But of course Mass Effect 3 would make more sense if you played Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 first. It ties into ME3 perfectly, so be ready to battle the Reapers as you try to save Earth.

As Commander Sheppard you will be fighting the Reaper invasion on Earth. Do a little more research on the internet via youtube.com and you can see what is going on. Some videos had a lot of information to consider. I forgot the name of the youtube video but, there was one that had a few guys talking in depth about this new game and it was about 10 minutes long or so.

On there you can see them playing the game or going over clips of the game. The graphics looked awesome, you get to see Commander Sheppard jumping all over the place firing his weapons and talking through a form of different questions and different remarks like the last two Mass Effect games.

If you like to play those really long games, Mass Effect 3 is the kind of game you may like. If you want to see what Mass Effect 3 Fall Of Earth will be like go to youtube.com and see what you think. I’ll tell you one think for sure, my younger brother will be camping out the day before the release date assuming it isn’t postponed. Just to play it because he has both of the Mass Effect games and that’s all he’s talking about ME3.

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