When Is The NFL Going To Be The NFL Again?

When Is The NFL Going To Be The NFL Again?

Has the NFL even thought about the fans? What are the fans going to do with their season tickets if there is no season? Will we see football games in the NFL played in 2011 and beyond? What about those t.v. contracts with the NFL, will the NFL be in violation of their contract(s)? I guess if the season doesn’t start in time or at all, the NFL will have to tell whomever signed the t.v. contracts,“Sorry”? You think the players are upset imagine those t.v. show providers, they will have to fill in those empty slots(the regular scheduled NFL games/playoff games) with more boring reality shows!

We just might have to settle with other football leagues such as Arena Football, UFL(United Football League), AFL (American Football League), those European Leagues, the Canadian Leagues, City Leagues, etc. Or we(the NFL fan base) could have more time for those High School and College Football games since there probably will not be an NFL any time soon. That is not a bad idea, College football is in a world of its own, why do they not have a playoff system?

I’ll tell you this the more time the NFL stays away from the t.v. and from the viewers the more these other pro football leagues other than the NFL will take advantage. Some of these other leagues are going after some of those under the radar great football players that are out of college that should have been normally been recruited or sought after by the NFL. It used to be in a since, if you couldn’t make it or didn’t make it in the NFL(they pay the most from the other pro leagues) you could still pursue football but in another pro football league other than the NFL.

If the t.v. shows are not going to be airing the NFL regular season football games and playoff’s. I hope they will air some of these other pro football league games, I am a football fan all the way, I’ll take football however I can get it. If not at least air some of these High School games, 6-man or 11-man, football is football. And I know there are some great games played at the High School and College level. There are always great games to watch played throughout the United States, High School, College or Pro.

The longer the NFL stays retired the more the players will want to play football, so they can pay their bill’s and living expenses. Some players have even taken to other sports to help raise some form of income and to stay in shape. Others are probably helping run the family business whatever it may be. But if the players and owners held out a full year with no regular season games and playoff’s the world would probably end in 2012. The football fans would riot(myself included) and try to take control of football and probably everything else, leading to our demise. Keep in mind this “lawsuit” is Billionaire’s vs Millionaire’s. Who do you think is going to win?

What ever happened to supply and demand? I demand some NFL Football! Where is my supply?

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