Who Won The 2011 Woman’s World Cup In Germany? Japan! What A Game!

Wow another instant classic game for the 2011 WWC in Germany. This was a great game played with lots of passion and emotion. The thrive to never quit is what got both of these soccer teams to play against each other in 2011 in Germany. Both teams never gave up nut only one team will come come with the victory. But both teams win in the end?

Low and behold Japan won in penalty kicks 3 – 1 after a 2 – 2 tie after both extra times. Soon after it was the historic penalty kick shout out, with Japan as your victors. For some nice videos visit youtube.com and ESPN.com.

You know this will put a smile on the faces of the people in Japan, as well they do desire it. After all something as small as a smile if hard to come by when you see the aftermath of devastation before your very own eyes.

Which brings me back to the 2011 WWC in Germany, the Japanese fans had to stay up all night to whiteness such a dramatic finish and victory. As for the ones who were asleep or couldn’t stay up for different reasons will soon awaken to smiles throughout Japan. When they go to school when they go to work, they will smile back and they will be proud.

The United States soccer team should also be proud because we the fans are still proud of you US. If I knew where the US team was going to land and if I had the money to go, I would be there waiting to applaud them for such a beautiful game.

Yes the US team had many chances to try and put the game away but it wasn’t meant to be. The US is not looking back they are looking forward. Soon after the match Abby Wambach mentioned The Olympics which is coming soon. Yes it will take some time to get over the heart break that the US fans must be feeling, the heart break that I am feeling.

But in time, more victory will come and we will smile, then I guarantee we will see more losses, but we must keep are heads up. For soon after a loss, you chase that small thing such as a smile after a victory.

Congratulations to both of these teams, for both soccer clubs have brought the spark in the eyes of some of these youngsters around the world but especially in the youth of the US and in Japan. Teens both boys and girls alike will soon consider another athletic game like this game we call soccer. Both teams win end the end respectfully because they both have more fans and fans will have more feeling for the game. Soccer can be very emotional.

I remember years ago, my uncle one of ‘the biggest soccer fans in the world’ would try to sit us down to learn and hopefully admire the game of soccer. It didn’t take long, I picked up the rules of the game pretty quick after watching a great epic matches.

All it takes is one memorable and emotional game such as the 2011 Woman’s World Cup in Germany, US vs Japan. To become a fan of soccer young or old alike. I’ve been a fan of soccer and hope that you have learned a little about the game of soccer and hopefully you admire the game of soccer for it is a great game.

In women’s soccer and in men’s soccer, there have been many great games and there are many more great games to come. Will you be watching?

Put a smile on your face soccer is a beautiful game. Win or lose.

Well done Japan and many applauds to US team as well.

Japan is the 2011 FIFA Woman’s World Cup Champs! The game was brought to you live from Germany via ESPN and ESPN3.com.

Thank you Japan and the US for the beautiful and emotional 2011 WWC Finals match.

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