Who’s Going To Win Super Bowl 2012?

Who’s Going To Win Super Bowl 2012

If you wondering who is going to win Super Bowl 2012, I think there are a few teams that have to be on your short list.  Here are my thoughts on the teams that have the best chance of reaching the big game in 2012 and possibly winning the Super Bowl.


#1. Green Bay Packers – an easy choice since they are undefeated as of this week. However they have experience in big games, and let’s face it, Aaron Rodgers is arguably the best quarterback in the league. Not only do I think they will win the NFC, I think they will win the Super Bowl as well.

#2. San Francisco 49ers. Yes, I know Alex Smith is still the QB for the 49ers, but he has shown improvement as of late. I think they have a good chance to be in the running. True, they are in a division of losers, but I think they have the talent to play good football.

#1. Pittsburgh Steelers. A top 10 passing offense and the number 1 defense against the passing game means the Steelers can put the points on the board, and hold their opponent from a quick score through the air. The Steelers are stocked with players who are used to playing in the post season and expect to be there every year.

#2. Cincinnati Bengals. I haven’t seen the Bengals play this good for a while. They have a decent offense, and their defense is ranked #2 in stopping the opponents running game. While they have plenty of competition before they can get to the AFC championship game, I think they have a chance if they can beat the Steelers..twice.

What do you think? Who’s Going To Win Super Bowl 2012 in your opinion?

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