Why does my signal light click faster to one side?

Most vehicles will have a light bulb blown out, and it will cause the signal light clicker to click three times faster.

Normally the side that is clicking faster, is the same side that has the bulb out. For example if you put your signal light to the right, to turn right. Then a bulb will be out on the passenger side. Check the front and back of the passenger side and remove and replace the bulb with a new one.

The same can be said if you put the signal light to the left, then check the bulbs on the drivers side, front and back and replace a bulb if needed.

You can purchase new car lights, and bulbs at your local automotive parts store. Some retail stores may carry them such as Wal Mart.

You will need a little information about your vehicle when you are going to purchase your signal light bulbs. All you need to know is the year, make and model.

Most automotive parts stores will assist you with simple things such as light bulbs, batteries, etc. They will be glad to change the bulb out for you at no cost.

But if you know how to change the bulbs out yourself, then you can ask you local parts store for their loaner tools. That way you can change the bulb out in the parking lot.

Most bulbs except some of those fancy headlights are rather affordable. So it is best that you fix your lights to your automobile than to get pulled over by an officer of the law and have a costly to citation or ticket for not signaling.

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