Why won’t my push-mower start? It used to start up fine.

What to check if your lawn-mower won’t start.

Check the fluid levels, first of all make sure that you have plenty of gas, and make sure that your oil level if full as well. Do not over fill with oil.

After you have checked your fluids, now its time to check your air cleaner more commonly known as your air filter. It will be inside a plastic case bolted down with one long screw.

Usually the screw can be removed with a flat head screw driver. The air filter will be made up of some kind of sponge. If it’s clogged up looking or if its dirty clean it with some gas.

Just pour some gas on the air filter sponge and let the gas run through it. After you have cleaned or replaced the air cleaner with a new one, screw it back down, inside it’s case.

Now after you have checked the fluids and cleaned your air cleaner, remove the spark plug, with a spark plug socket. Once you have removed the plug you can clean it up with a wire brush and some gas.

But it’s best if you just buy a new spark plug, you can buy new plugs at your local automotive parts store. Or at a small engines parts store.

Just take your old plug in to the parts store so that your new spark plug will be the same size and thread as the old or worn out plug.

Now your push mower should start up, after a little maintenance, fluids, filter, and plug.

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  1. Hint: if your mower doesn’t cut the lawn like it used to when it was new, its because you have a dull blade. That’s right your blade will lose its sharp edge after a few times of mowing your lawn. Especially if you keep hitting rocks and sticks.

    Just remove your mower blade or blades and sharpen them with a grinder every 2 weeks or so, especially if you use your mowers a lot. I just put the blade on a table vise, and grind away, be sure to use some safety glasses for protection when you use a grinder.

    After you have sharpened your mower blade, bolt the blade
    back and it will be like new again.

    P.S. sharpen your riding mower blades the same, with a grinder.

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