YouTube App isn’t working on my iPad, how to fix that problem real quick!

My iPad was working fine then in the middle of a video the error began.
The error seemed to be a continuous load that would never finish loading, not even those annoying commercials weren’t loading so I knew there was a problem.
I was mad so I deleted the YouTube App and went to the App Store and reloaded it again thinking that would help but no it didn’t. Then I checked on my general settings to see if I had a pending update for the system or just some App update but everything was up to date. So I thought perhaps YouTube was down for some scheduled reason like maintenance but I checked on my cell phone and the YouTube on my mobile phone was working fine, then my brothers iPad was next to me and YouTube worked on his iPad just fine.
So that’s when I decided to reset my iPad and sure enough to it fixed the problem and worked just fine the annoying YouTube commercials were loading fine and then the video played on afterwards, problem solved.
Steps to reset your iPad without going through the general settings on my device, I just held both the main menu button and the power button for a few seconds until the iPad reset itself and that’s how to fix that problem real quick.
I hope this helps with your iPad if the videos or any video for that matter on your iPad isn’t loading correctly, just reset your device. You know you did it wrong if you snap a picture of the screen, you can figure it out.

If you have more tips or troubleshooting information on iPad or other devices please leave a comment below.

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  1. Just for the record the reset DID NOT remove my pictures or songs it just reset the system and it wasn’t a reset to default or back to new, if you reset your iPad through the general settings then reset you might lose your pictures, songs, etc if your info isn’t backed up or saved on some cloud or other means…

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