Zhu Zhu Pets Princess Castle

Zhu Zhu Pets Princess Castle is many girls favorite Zhu Zhu Pets toy. The Zhu Zhu Pets Princess Castle is a wonderful white with pink towers. The Zhu Zhu Princess Castle is sure to make the princess feel right at home. The castle has a number of towers which feature a flag and the castle entrance includes a beautiful archway for the princess to arrive. The castle can easily be connected to other Zhu ZHu Pets Princess toys such as the Zhu Zhu Pets Princess Ballroom. Zhu Zhu Pets Princess Castle availability is somewhat scarce at the moment, although it should be showing up in stock before Christmas.

Click here to check for availability.

Many people here in the U.S. are buying the zhu zhu princess castle and other toys on ebay to make sure they have them, so don’t be too late.

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